The Wheatfields, York, WA

Decided to take my friend Eva who was visiting from Kuala Lumpur to the wheatfields for some landscape images of the wheat growing.  I was hoping to show her the canolas but they were already harvested. We drove through  Norham, WA to York. After a bite in York, we took the main road (York Road) back to Perth.  Having stopped at several locations from York back to Perth, at one location there was a pond reflecting the colour of the sky and the ducks were going in and out of the pond.  What I liked the most was how the wheat was dancing in the breeze.

All images were shot using the Canon 5D Mark II with the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L and a polarizer filter.  I handheld the images using a speed of 1/320 for some and 1/80 for others.  The f/stops were shot at  f/4.5 for the images that showed the wheat dancing in the breeze and f/11 for the distance images.

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