New Projects

Artist statement

These images represent an attempt to free the mind of constraints to free the binds of society through my dreams. A revolution against the constraints of the rational mind; and by extension, the rules of a society I see as oppressive. It is not easy to let go of the constraints we put on ourselves. Over the years there has been many attempts to do this and each time I’ve come under the premise that if I do this someone is going to …. Why should I care what someone thinks, my art is for me and that means I should be free of filters that I place to make my work acceptable. As a famous photographer told me “Do not let others tell you what you should like or dislike, your work is for you and you only. If someone else likes it then consider it a bonus.” It is time to shed those chains of conformity and to be free, to be as free as I want to be. This is my revolution against the filters of my mind. This is the only way to know where my art will take me.