Image of the Month

About the images
For the past year I’ve been concentrating on photographing water scenes from rivers, creeks and the ocean looking for ways to create abstract reflected images. This may involve using a long focal length lens or changing the speed of the shutter to using various ISO settings. If you are familiar with the reflection artwork of Van Gogh or Monet you will understand this as the starting base for my work. What I’ve done is remove the reflected component from the top and in some images you can see the reflection of trees and the sky. In other these objects may not appear obvious. These images however, printed on a large scale print looks great on walls in homes. They also depending on the selection have a soothing effect, which is why this project was first initiated due to the pandemic and I needed something that would take my mind off the current situation and focus on the soothing effect water has. I stumbled on this while working on my book Dreamstate: Eroticism and Surrealism.

Who am I
American-born jLorenzo Miller is an internationally exhibited photographer, mentor and educator who migrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1995. Having worked in the Hollywood entertainment business for most of his career in photography jLorenzo has also been involved in his artistic side for the past 25 years focusing on subjects from landscape’s, seascape’s, clouds and fine art nudes. Please note that some of the pages are NSFW.

Purchase a print
Interested in purchasing one of the water images for your home, send me an email ( and let’s discuss a image and size to fit your budget.