..I dance the body electric

a tribute to the dance era of the ’70s, lots of various styles of dance was being born from Liza Minnelli dancing the works of Bob Fosse to the Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova who defected from the Soviet Union to the United States in 1970. Also in the ’70s, the American ballerina Suzanne Farrell defected from choreographer George Balanchine and his New York City Ballet (NYCB) and joined Maurice Béjart and his Ballet of the Twentieth Century in Brussels. Mikhail Baryshnikov also defected from the Soviet Union making his way to New York and the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) and eventually started a partnership with Baryshnikov. During this time disco was being born in New York at The Loft, however this was an underground dance phenomenon. It wasn’t until Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta and music by the Bee Gees hit the movie screens that there were hundreds of clubs springing up everywhere. Significantly, the discos also offered a taste of freedom and self actualization for three other subcultures during the seventies: Gays, Hispanics and African Americans.  After decades of marginalization for each of these minorities, they all found a supportive home in the discos.

.. I dance to the body electric I
..I dance to the body electric II
..I dance the body electric III
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