Hula Hoop

As I was viewing my Instagram feed I saw a friend of mine doing hula hooping and it was interesting to me because as a kid I used to do this.

I asked my friend Brooke why she does the hooping and she stated it was a way of keeping her weight down because she had quit smoking and it stuck with her and became a part of her life.  She has invested in various types of hula hoops over time, ranging from the plain to the led operated one and even one that is a travel hoop that breaks down in multiple pieces.
I asked her if she would hula hoop for some images that I had an idea for and she said yes and it was on.

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105mm f/4 @f13, Profoto B1 manually flashed

First I did a 30 sec exposure to record the led only.

I wanted to show the Hooper (that what they call themselves) , so I setup and popped the Profoto B1 from 3/4 back of Hooper at 45 degree.

Next I wanted to slow down the rings and show the steps that the Hooper goes through, this required anywhere between 4-7 pops of the flash.

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