Ocean waves during stormy weather, 2021

Images from today’s shoot at Meltham Pools. The waves were rolling in rapidly, tried a new technique in capturing these and I’m quite pleased with them.

Rough Waters

Throughout the month of July, Perth, Western Australia has seen some interesting climate changes.In my twenty-five (25) years of living here I cannot recall a winter like the one we are having. One of my favorites things to photograph however, is the rough oceans as I use them in composites and sometimes I get a… Continue reading Rough Waters

Photo Live Expo 2021

Come check out the shiny new toys and stop in to listen to many speakers at this years event. https://photoliveexpo.com.au/

Morning Clouds

Morning Clouds

If there is one thing I enjoy more than shooting nudes and water it’s shoot clouds. Lately Perth has been presented with some very interesting looking clouds, sometimes dark and moody other times bright and fluffy. Perth skies which are usually clear blue during the day and black at night which is great for viewing… Continue reading Morning Clouds

The Salt Flats Shoot

Still working on locations for a change of pace, my model, Ishtar and I decided to go to the salt flats in Rockingham to do our next shoot. We had planned to do a half day shooting at 2 locations. The first was the salt flats, I decided it would look great with a warm… Continue reading The Salt Flats Shoot

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City Beach Clouds

Images captured on one of our storm days in the heat of summer provided for some beautiful cloud formation. These images were taken at City Beach, Western Australia.

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Catching Some Rays

A fellow photographer and I had planned a few days ago to go out and catch the ‘blue hour’ at Cottesloe Beach today. Unfortunately, for us the clouds came in although we knew they were coming the report did not say how heavy the clouds would be. As we sat at a restaurant having a… Continue reading Catching Some Rays

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This book focused on the artist dreams that he underwent during a recovery period while on various powerful drugs. The artists instead of trying to suppress the dreams took a different approach following in the process that the Surrealist took, creating art of the dreamstate.This turned out to be a very interesting study of mind… Continue reading Dreamstate