I’m a professional photographer working in Perth, Western Australia.

I have been involved in photography for the past forty plus (40+) years engaged in a wide range of projects from commercial photography assignments to working in the Hollywood entertainment industry and most recently have been concentrating  my energy  on photographing fine art images.  This work has taken me on an extensive journey of exploration of lighting techniques and digital compositing.

During my time in photography, my position has been the following:

Staff Photographer for a major men’s magazine; photographed Covers, Centerfolds and special features ranging from food to Fashion to Celebrity interviews.

Art Director and Photographer for the US Hair Stylist Team; designed the layout and artwork for competition in Switzerland. Document the competition in which the team won 1st place in several categories.

Photographer and Photo editor for B.E.M. magazine; photographed Covers, Celebrity interviews, design and photographed fashion layouts.

Photographer for various lifestyle magazines mainly concentrating on Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

Staff Photographer for Solar Records and K-DAY Radio;  photographed images for PR usage, photographed concerts and design or work with designer of record covers.

Staff Photographer for major musical acts; travel and document musical groups when preparing and traveling on tours.

Assistant to various photographers in commercial and product photography; setup studio, learned the running of a studio, assisted photographer, process and print images, etc.


My experience in photography gives me the opportunity to offer the following services:

  • Basic to advanced operations of the camera (film or digital)
  • Studio and natural lighting
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • Compositing
  • Nude Photography
  • Creating Artwork

Contact me on +61 412 126 166

Email: jlmiller@jLorenzo.com.au


My artwork has been exhibited Internationally at the following gallery shows:

International Loupe Awards 2015, “Mother Earth” Winner of Silver (Illustrative) and Bronze (Conceptual)

Caravan Studios Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia 2012 (25 artworks)

Gallerie Fetiche ‘Dirty Talk’ Exhibition, Daylesford, Australia 2012

“On the Edge 2″ San Francisco, California 2012 (” Kat’s Dance”)

The Dirty Show Detroit, Michigan 2010, 2011, 2012, 2017, 2018 (“contro il muro”, “a cominciare dell uomo”, and “Untitled”), 2019, 2020 (“dream of the id” and “angels at play”)

StyleAid Fremantle, Australia 2011 (“Siren”)

ONO Art Exhibit, Central TAFE, Perth, Australia 2011 (“Candace; nude at The Pinnacles”)

The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Seattle, Washington, 2011 (“Birds of a Feather”), 2018 (“contro il muro”), 2019 , 2020 (“angels at play”)

Perth Centre for Photography Group Show, Perth, Australia 2010

Fables & Nocturnes, Perth, Australia 2009

Afro-American Art Show Los Angeles, California 1995 (Black & White – “Sharon; nude of a black female” – in permanent collection



None of my photos may be publicly reproduced or used in any way without my written permission.

© jLorenzo Photography All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal.

If you would like to use any of my work commercially or for study purposes please contact me at jlmiller@jlorenzo.com.au.