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I had the pleasure of working with Candace recently when I held  a workshop and she was the featured model.  Having Candace here for the workshop gave the participants an excellent opportunity to work with a real professional and see first hand what is possible.  Of course the exercises they did required some thought on their part, but Candace provided the perfect poses as the students were required to see curves, lines, abstract and etc.

After the workshop I was host to Candace for a few days in which we travelled around Perth, Fremantle, Mandurah and up north to The Pinnacles.  I shot Candace at Mandurah for about 45 mins at a spot that had I used before and the images were great.

From there we went on a little site seeing of the area.  The following day we went north some 3 hrs from Perth and stopped at the Yanchep National Forest to look at the Koala bears and see some black cockatoos.  From there it was a 2 hrs drive to The Pinnacles were I had selected to be the location for our shoot.  The Pinnacles is like stepping on the surface of some distance planet.  The ground is a yellowish golden dirt and the monoliths just appears to have grown out of the surface.  The experts still are not sure how they appeared, either they came up or the water receded from the nearby Indian ocean.

Working with Candace on the hot yet windy location was perfect, no people to contend with the cars that did drive through gave us no problem at all and Candace performed like the true champ she is.

As we made our way around the park, we took some time out to have some fun or should I say Candace took time out to show her funny side.

Showing us 1) how one should dress to shoot the Pinnacles, 2) how to treat your photographer and 3) turn the tables on your photographer and shoot him.

Back to business I tried various styles and techniques using the Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG and the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L USM lens was all I needed for this shoot.

On the way out of the park Candace discovered some thing that gave us another moment of fun and we named this monolith “penis rock”

This rock provided loads of funny and naughty antics from Candace, and yes she can be very naughty and funny at the same time, something I will always remember.

As the saying goes ” all good things must come to an end”, it did as she had to fly to Sydney, Australia the next day and the back to the US later in the week.  I do not feel this will be the last I see of Candace nor the last shooting we will have as I have already begun looking into shooting her in New Zealand.


Concept: Nude images taken while travelling through the South Western  area of Australia outback.  Take a 10 day, 3000Km trip with a model and shoot where ever it looks interesting, day noon and evening.  Shoot in bush, on road and what ever presents itself.

Video clip: Nude in the OutBack

Broad Arrow Pub, Kalgoolie, WA

Wave Rock, Hyden, WA


On the open road


In the bush


Off road


On the salt lake; Lake Grace (South Lake), WA


Wheat fields, WA